About Morteza

About Morteza Toozandehjani
Morteza Toozandehjani

I was born in Iran on January 13th, 1991. I was accepted at Iran University of Science and Technology (I.U.S.T) in industrial design degree in 2010 but in 2012, I made the best decision of my life: I dropped out of university.
I’m a self-taught photographer. I have been an artist and storyteller since I was little but then life got in the way. I have been photographing since I was 19 years old after finding interest in street views. It was through photography that I found my voice, my creative passion and the ideal medium to share my world with others. Also I have passion for writing & specially Traveling. yeah! I want to travel the World someday. That sense of wanderlust, of being uprooted, has never left me. I don’t anchor my concept of “home” to a familiar physical space – home is a state of mind I enter wherever I’m inspired to create what I want, or when I’m surrounded by people I care about.

I’m currently based in Tehran, Iran.



Participant at Image of the Year festival – Tehran, Iran 2012
Participant at Mashhad photo Festival – Mashhad, Iran 2011
Participant at Birjand photo Festival – Birjand, Iran 2011
Participant at Tehran University First photo festival – Tehran, Iran 2011
Participant at Image of the Year festival – Tehran, Iran 2011
Praise for thought in photography, Group Exhibition – Neyshabour, Iran 2011
In search of form, Group Exhibition in Iranian House of photography – Tehran, Iran 2010



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